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The DecoGlide

Why settle for functional window coverings, when you can have a signature statement that is not only practical but also designed to inspire instant admiration?

The DecoGlide™

The DecoGlide™ is a sliding screen system composed of intricately laser cut screens fixed to a minimalist head track. With twelve arresting designs to choose from, the screens are also available in a variety of materials and colours. This rich versatility ensures that you will find the right combination to suit your needs and tastes. The DecoGlide™ is Architectural designed, which is evidenced in its simple and refined tracking system. The track enables the DecoGlide™ to operate with ease and elegance, and be installed and maintained with minimal attention.

Each DecoGlide™ is crafted to filter the light so that it casts continually changing patterns, making them more like a piece of art than a window covering. The bespoke screens provide privacy and shade whilst offering a sophisticated alternative, which enriches and enlivens any space.

Offering a customised design service, Twenty Six Letters can also work with you to create your own design or unique application. The DecoGlide™'s practicality means it can also serve as a freestanding room divider or wall hanging.

An Australian first, the DecoGlide™ is a patented innovative system, exclusively available from Twenty Six Letters. (Patent Application No. 2010905545)

DecoGlide™ Materials

The DecoGlide™ is available in a range of materials that have been selected for their aesthetic versatility, their robustness for day to day use, and their UV and heat resistance.



Plywood (Gloss)
Fair Bianca Half
Limed White
China Doll Half
Spiced Nutmeg
Mexican Standoff
Deluxe Days
Dr Who
Sharp Yellow
Legal Eagle
Plywood: 6mm Plywood is finished in a durable and resilient gloss finish that retains and enhances the natural richness of the wood grain. An extremely durable and stable natural material that exudes warmth, whilst being highly practicable for everyday use. The maximum size of a Plywood Screen is 2400 x 1200mm
Paint Finish: 6mm MDF board is finished in a gloss Two Pack paint finish, providing excellent durability and hardness in a wide range of colours. Versatile MDF board is stable, smooth and homogenous, and with the gloss paint finish, provides a high quality panel of excellent appearance and enduring wearability. The maximum size of a MDF Screen is 3000 x 1200mm.


Light Grey
A rigid, lightweight and highly durable 7mm Polyester panel, available in a selection of long lasting colours. Manufactured with 60% recycled PET, it provides not only a distinctive and unique aesthetic, but also comes with impressive sustainability credentials. The maximum size of a Polyester Screen is 2400 x 1200mm


Solid Opaque Black
Translucent Kiwi
Translucent Orange
Translucent Plum
Translucent Snow
Solid Opaque Acrylic: 6mm synthetic plastic panel with excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering. Acrylic plastic provides an unsurpassed colourfastness, and is available in a high gloss finish, with a reflective elegance. The maximum size of an Solid Opaque Acrylic Screen is 2400 x 1200mm
Translucent Acrylic: 6mm semi - transparent acrylic plastic sheet which diffuses the light. Extremely durable, it provides scratch resistance, colourfastness, weather resistance and is insensitive to traces of everyday wear. It is restful to the eye, mood-enhancing, pleasant to the touch and available in a range of contemporary colours. The maximum size of an Translucent Acrylic Screen is 3000 x 1200mm.

DecoGlide™ Tracking

Each DecoGlide™ comes with an integrated roller mechanism, specifically designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Each DecoGlide™ screen arrives fully installed with wheels, and ready to be rolled onto a 31mm aluminium head track.

Photo of Tracking

This head track is available in a selection of Powder Coated finishes, making it resistant to weathering, abrasion, and chemicals in both interior and exterior settings. It comes in a maximum length of 3000mm. The head track is recommended for face mounted fitting, where it comes with matching angle brackets for fixing to existing walls. Each track comes with end stops to ensure the panels do not slide off the track. Minimalist in design, the tracking system is both pleasing to the eye and easy to install and maintain.

Available track colours: Black, White, Silver:

Tracking Colours

DecoGlide™ Detailing

Each DecoGlide™ comes fitted with aluminium edge channels to both vertical edges. The channels provide added rigidity, a durable and sturdy edge to each screen, and add a sharp sophistication to their aesthetic. Each DecoGlide™ also comes fitted with the Twenty Six Letters badge, an assurance that you have received an innovative and truly unique product.

Photo of Edge

  • Timeless
  • Fifteenth
  • Fly Away Peter
  • Fly Away Paul
  • Masterpiece
  • D'Oro
  • Hive
  • Geometric
  • Flourish
  • Merriment
  • Motion
  • Freedom